Legal hallucinogenic – Salvia

What is Salvia?

Salvia divinorum is a herb that comes from a mint family called Lamiaceae. It is largely known to be a hallucinogenic drug that has strong effects on one’s nervous system for a brief period of time (5-10 minutes). It can be found in cloud forest, Oaxaca, Mexico. Salvia is also called sage of diviners, seer’s of sage, ska maria pastora. To achieve the best high effect people dry and smoke it but chewing and drinking extracted juices will also produce desired reaction.

The web is flooded with videos of people using it, so you can check out how it works here (ubacicemo video ovde). The largely accepted fact is that Salvia is making a person feel like they are experiencing sort of psychosis. This is the main reason why it is not recommended to use it in public, rather than experiment in a safe environment, at home.

How it works and is it legal?

Considering it is quite new on the market, a lot of research on salvia is yet to be made. It would be hard for scientist to do this if it were illegal and this is the main reason why it isn’t. Second one is because studies so far  tells us salvia is to be of low toxicity. Active ingredient, called salvinorin A that triggers nerve cell targets, causing hallucinations doesn’t influence on serotonin receptors like LSD and the feeling is reported to be different than this drug. According to studies so far, there is no evidence Salvia can cause dependence or serious psychiatric problems in humans. This special mint herb is called for prohibition in a few states in US but remains legal in most countries around the world.

Mazatec shamans even today use salvia for ritual purposes in Mexico. This is only one of the many species they use to transfer to the world where acoroding to shamans, quiet voices talk to them. Regarding western medicine, many people so far said salvia helped them in maintaining depression and beating drug addiction.

Stay safe!

While we established that Salvia is not a party drug, if you decide to take it, it would be good to have some guidelines. Have a sitter! Smoking is a mightier high than chewing or drinking.

There are six levels of intensity when we are considering this herb. One being quite mild with barely few minutes of weak response and six being so strong, consciousness may be lost and if you fall it is likely you’ll hurt yourself. It is then crucial, when taking more powerful salvia, to find a person who will take care of you. Most important thing for a sitter to know is no matter how messy things get, it will be over soon. So, if a person is in a bad trip, acting out or even being violent, restrain them and keep everybody safe while it wears off. Get help if you can’t do it alone and put away all potential dangerous weapons in the room. Although these cases are rare it is important to be cautious. Experiences are usually funny and interesting.