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Have you ever had an experience with salvia? Why not share part of it here so others can get a feeling for what it’s like.

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Review by Ben, September 6, 2011

Had my first salvia trip yesterday, and I’ve got to say… it was beyond all comprehension, nothing I’ve ever dreamed or imagined could have possibly prepared me for what I experienced.

It all happened at my sitter’s place, he’s a good friend of mine and he agreed to let me try out some of his 40X extract. He dimmed the lights in his room, cleared his worn couch of all his stuff and lay a mattress down next to it in case I fell off. He then placed a trash can next to the couch as well, just in case I was sick. Nervously, I sat down on his couch and closed my eyes for a few minutes, preparing myself mentally for the trip. The last thing my friend did was he placed a camera on his desk which was just opposite the couch I was sitting on. The table was large and one of its legs was small and slender and ran right down its middle, which was right in front of me. The camera lay directly above this leg (this will be important later). Despite the fact that I am relatively experienced with most of the common psychoactives I had never done salvia before and I knew I was going to be jarred by the experience.

After a few minutes of relaxation my sitter passed his very interesting looking Ibizan pipe and filled it with the salvia extract. “Well, down the rabbit hole we go” I thought to myself as I popped the pipe in my mouth, lit the extract with a lighter and took in a big lungful of smoke. Salvia has a very interesting taste. It reminded me of pepper. And that was the last thing I remember thinking, before I forgot who I was. Where I was. What I was.

It’s as if I’m asleep and I’m in some bizarre, severely vivid dream where my universe is completely centered around the camera. It shone with an eerie gold light and some kind of membrane like structure emanated from it (the table leg looked fluid, segmented and moved). Suddenly it became my sole purpose in life to break down this barrier/membrane, so I waved my arms at it and as my arms struck it the membrane broke down, but then reformed. Suddenly I realized that this was my salvia trip and memories of my journey to my sitters place flashed before my eyes with dizzying vividness. Then the membrane was back, but I had failed! It had solidified! This barrier separated the real physical world (to my right) from the Nether (the surreal or spirit world). I felt an invisible force pull me into Nether and for a second I was there, it was beyond description. Ineffable. It was a vast plane of inter-dimensional confusion and objects that defied physical law. I felt a presence come to me and mock me, mock my blindness, my ignorance. I couldn’t see it I just knew it was there. At this point in time about 15 seconds had passed in the real world and my friend, fearing that I might damage his pipe came towards me slowly and said “I’ll take that pipe back”. What I experienced was much different. At that point in time I had just wrenched myself out of the Nether and back into reality. Suddenly it felt like I was drooling, drooling uncontrollably. I looked down at my shirt and saw my saliva fall like a river down a vast green (my t-shirt was green) chasm. Suddenly my sitter was by me and he said “Let me get that saliva for you”. I saw him lift an enormous tissue and wipe the waterfall away in one sweep of his now gigantic hands. He sat back down on his chair by his computer desk and suddenly the room curved up into him, as if he was bending spacetime around him, pulling all the objects towards him. I suddenly realized that he was the ultimate symbol of reality, of what I was trying to get back to, where as the Nether and the presence there symbolized confusion and the Beyond. He began to shine with a holy light. I leant towards him, the invisible force growing stronger. At this point at least 1 minute had passed (although it felt like 1000 years) and I looked at him and said “How long does this last again?” he replied “15 minutes or so.” My eyes bulged, I couldn’t resist for that long. The Nether world is going to eat me up, dissolve my consciousness, break down my very essence. But I resisted still, I refused to give up. “I’m trying to resist” I muttered. “Don’t do that go with the flow” is what my sitter said to that. Well, as my sitter was the symbol of my own sanity I trusted him. So I stopped fighting and let myself fall into the Nether. I slumped over onto the left hand side of the couch. I went blank. Next thing I know, the barrier, the Nether, it’s all gone. I just feel dizzy, confused. I feel like I’ve just woken from an intense dream. I’m sweating like a pig. Suddenly an intense fiery sensation started in my legs and burnt up into my body. I felt, restless. “I feel irritated” I muttered. I lay on the mattress, then immediately leapt back onto the couch. “You wanna go outside?” asked my sitter. “Yeah” I replied straight away. I felt like I was dying, like the fire that was burning through me was never going to end. It was a very unpleasant sensation. “Relax”, I told myself “just go outside and get some fresh air, you’ll be fine”. So I did. And so I was. After going outside, the restlessness fell away. Suddenly I could relax. The sense of relaxation was incredible. I felt so happy. So happy I was still in one piece mentally. Everything seemed new. I felt refreshed. I felt like my entire reality had been shattered and pasted back together. But every now and again I saw the cracks, and felt the glue. It was like I saw the glitches.

I watched my trip video and found that all I did in reality was sit on the couch, wave my hands around and laugh. I don’t remember laughing at all though. When I left my friend’s place about half an hour after the trip I felt separate from everyone, like they were still ignorant of what was really going on. It was strange. And that’s that. I would try it again definitely, but it is definitely not something you should do lightly. It is not nearly as likeable as other psychoactive drugs but it is also not wholly unpleasant.

Review by gil, December 14, 2010

Alright well I’m the first one I guess. This stuff is definitely not something you want to mess around with. It’s very serious business. For the first few times I took it nothing really happened, just a body feeling and some closed eye images shifting. Later I tried taking it with Syrian Rue, an MAOI, and man, was it ever powerful. The walls took off like a flock of seagulls and I was rocketed into another dimension for 10 minutes or so. It was a crazy experience. I did it again after that and every time I got an intense, but more manageable experience.

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